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Fashionable Blinds in Surry Hills

Rouna Blinds is your premier stop for the most popular and stylish blinds available in Surry Hills. With an exceptional team of manufacturers, suppliers and retailers, we can create a blind that perfectly complements your space, from a minimalist, contemporary style, to a classic, rustic home.

Choose the blinds that suit your style

So, what blinds are our specialty?

Roller blinds: These practical, affordable window coverings can be used in both homes and offices, with fabric from sheer or translucent, to complete block-out material. You can choose how these blinds are operated, and find a colour that works with your interior.

Vertical blinds: Vertical blinds offer complete control of your lighting or shade, with vertical sheets easily able to be pushed to one side for a clear view, or slightly rotated to provide you with a subtle gleam of sunlight.

Venetian blinds: Many shops and homes use venetian blinds for their durability and versatility in shade. Perfect for offices, bathrooms, kitchens and more, these allow you to let the sun glow through without having to completely open them.

Roman blinds: These are a simple blind that boast classic elegance. These blinds will be able to protect you from the harsh sun when rolled down flat, as well as give you a beautiful, clear view when folded completely up.

Exceptional customer service at every step

At Rouna Blinds, we want to provide you with the best interiors for your shop, restaurant, office or home, making your space more inviting and welcoming. We know how important the look of your property is, which is why we always make sure to listen to your needs and requests, ensuring the final product is something you’re happy with.

To find out more about our affordable blinds, curtains and shutters, contact our team by calling us on (02) 9540 2122, or filling out an enquiry form for that quick quote.